Erlang User Group NL Meetup

Hosted by:
Erlang Experts
Date: Thursday April 19th, 2012
Starting time: 19:00
Location: Erlang Experts Offices
"Boven de Balie"
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam

When you're at the door, please call Jeroen Koops at 06-55590300 to get in.
Entrance: Free for all, but please let us know if you plan to attend by e-mail to
Contact: E-mail:
Telephone: 06-55590300


Nikolaos Bezirgiannis — EcoTruck: An agent system for paper recycling

Nikolaos is a student at Utrecht University. He is involved in a research project called EcoTruck, a system to optimize the collection of paper for recycling (think dynamic truck scheduling, vehicle route optimization, and real-time progress updates), written in Erlang.

Nikolaos is going to tell us about his experiences using Erlang for such a system that falls outside the traditional telecom/signalling domain.

Ward Bekker — Erltricity: receiving messages from your brain in Erlang

Ward is a lead developer at TTY Internet Solutions. In his spare time, he developed Erltricity: An Erlang/OTP Thinkgear Connector Client. Thinkgear is a brainwave sensor, a device that plugs into your computer on one side and into your head on the other!

Ward is going to give a presentation and a demo of this device and the Erlang interface he authored.

Michel Rijnders — Introducing the TTY search engine

Michel is Head of Development at TTY Internet Solutions. TTY has done a lot of work integrating search engines (Sphinx, Lucene, and Solr) into sites such as 2dehands, NationaleVacaturebank, and Jaap. They kept bumping into the same problems. Problems in areas where Erlang shines like fault tolerance and distribution. That's why they started the development of a new search engine in Erlang as an R&D project. Eventually, TTY plans to release it as open source.

Michiel Klønhammer — The Erlang Talent Community

Michiel is the founder and general manager of MaxClass, and consultant at Maximonster Interactive Things, who brought us Totally Erlang.

Maximonster is developing an Erlang Talent Community, and in this presentation, he will tell us what that means, and what it can do for you.